Decode Your kISS to Reveal the Answers

Welcome to the Official Kiss Print Reader, an extraordinary and intuitive kiss print reading service created by Dr. Miranda, a third-generation clairvoyant. Influenced by her childhood within the foster care system and the sentimental power of a bedtime kiss, Dr. Miranda was inspired to explore the realm of kiss print readings. Her intrigue drove her to develop a unique process that blends forensics, positive insights, and emotional connections.

Having interpreted thousands of prints, the Official Kiss Print Reader delivers an unparalleled experience. Employing a distinctive method to interpret two kiss prints, Dr. Miranda and her team of Kiss Whisperers not only entertain and captivate clients but also offer clarity, optimism, joy, and serenity. Their readings shed light on the path ahead, steering individuals toward their next life phase.


The Official Kiss Print Reader? Why the heck not!

In today's crowded and fast-paced world, where every trend quickly becomes yesterday's news, standing out can be a challenge. Wondering how to break through the noise and make an unforgettable impression? Take it a step further and elevate your next event to the extraordinary—with a touch of enchantment from our kiss readings, sure to leave your guests amazed.Feeling overwhelmed or seeking clarity on a decision? You've come to the perfect place for a private and personal kiss print reading. Additionally, we offer exclusive 'on-call' options—ask about these limited offerings while they last.

What makes you different and unique?

At the Official Kiss Print Reader, we stand out by offering a unique process centered around interpreting two distinctive kiss prints. Dr. Miranda and her team of Kiss Whisperers not only entertain and captivate guests but also provide profound insights, bringing clarity, faith, joy, and inner peace. They illuminate the way forward, guiding individuals through life's journey, complete with delightful swag bags for every audience.

Additionally, we extend our offerings to the 'What's Next' through our Kiss Whisper Holistic Health Center. Here, individuals can nurture their complete well-being, encompassing their physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Driven by this holistic approach, our services cater to diverse needs and offer memorable experiences.

What is included in the KISS Swag bag?

Each guest receives their individual kissing card, a brand new lipstick, a 30-day follow-up kiss print card, and a magic charm. Plus sponsor products and service gift cards. Ask us how to be included in this VIP promotional offering.

Our KISS Swag bags are designed to add an extra touch of delight to your experience. Each bag is thoughtfully curated to complement your journey with the Official Kiss Print Reader. While the exact contents may vary, a swag bag always contains a guest's individual KISS card, a mini lipstick, and a chocolate kiss for luck. Other contents typically include charming surprises such as affirmational charms, delightful mementos, and specially selected goodies that resonate with the theme of your event or reading.

These bags are our way of leaving a lasting impression, ensuring that your experience with us is not only insightful but also memorable and enjoyable.

Do you offer in-person or virtual entertainment?

We offer both in-person and virtual entertainment options! Our in-person services are primarily available in Arizona, Southern California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. However, we also extend our in-person services nationwide. Additionally, our virtual experiences are accessible worldwide through online platforms like Zoom. For virtual events, our team of Kiss Whisperers can entertain groups of up to 100 guests using Zoom and breakout rooms, ensuring an interactive and engaging experience

Why did you create the Official Kiss Print Reader?

Dr. Miranda: My journey with the 'Kiss' stems from deeply rooted experiences in my past. Growing up in foster care, my time with my mother was limited during my childhood, but I distinctly remember her impeccable makeup routines and her meticulous attention to lipstick application. I found myself captivated by this ritual and, inspired by her grace, would often sneak into her room to experiment with makeup. One cherished memory I hold dear is my mother kissing me goodnight while saying, 'Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.' These moments were precious to me and remain among my fondest childhood memories.

In the foster and group homes I lived in, the absence of maternal affection was a common thread among us. The longing for a simple goodnight kiss symbolized care, significance, and acknowledgment. Even those who had lost contact with their mothers yearned for that tender bedtime gesture. As I matured, I found solace in providing these younger children with their goodnight kiss, gently echoing my mother's reassuring words.

When did Dr. Miranda discover she is an intuitive?

Dr. Miranda: From a young age, I engaged in conversations that seemed invisible to others around me. Both adults and children often questioned who I was talking to, sometimes teasing me for these interactions. Initially, I didn't pay much heed to these 'voices' until a significant moment occurred after my mother's passing. On a particularly sunny day, my mother appeared troubled, and when I inquired, she expressed regret about being unable to care for me in this lifetime. She foresaw her imminent departure and assured me she would never truly leave. At the time, I didn't fully grasp the weight of her words until her sudden and unexpected passing, exactly as she predicted. This event significantly heightened my intuition, and since then, my readings have been remarkably more attuned and accurate than ever before.

Can you accommodate large groups?

Yes, we can accommodate large groups effectively. We offer the services of 1 to 4 Kiss Whisperers to assist the Official Kiss Print Reader, available at an additional cost. For larger events, we can also provide Kiss Assistants to manage crowds and enhance the overall experience. Please inquire about any associated fees and our adherence to CDC guidelines.

Do you offer half and full day rates?

Yes, we offer half and full day rates. These rates are discounted for events lasting 4-6 hours and 7+ hours, respectively. Please note that these rates also apply to events requiring extensive travel, as our availability of Dr. Miranda or the Kiss Whisperer is exclusive to your event during that timeframe.

For event planners, we offer 'industry' rates tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a highly customized experience. Our pricing can be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, the Official Kiss Print Reader proudly supports our charity of choice, Circle of Helping Hands, and we are open to receiving donations in kind. Please feel free to inquire about this option.

Do you have bundle rates?

Yes, we offer bundle rates tailored to different budgets. Our programs include the Kissing Booth, Kiss Podium, and table-top readings. For smaller gatherings with up to 25 guests, we have options like Kiss & Tarot Tells and Kiss Whisper Oracle table-top readings. Feel free to ask us about these bundle options.

What is your refund policy?

We strive to ensure your satisfaction with our services, and our client concierge is dedicated to ensuring a seamless booking experience for you.

A 50% deposit is required at least 30 days before your scheduled event to confirm the booking, with the remaining balance due on the event day. Please note that the deposit secures your reservation and is non-refundable. We may have flexible arrangements available, and we offer incentives for those choosing the paid-in-full option; feel free to inquire about these.

Every performance is uniquely tailored to your event, featuring our finest Kiss Whisperers, Assistants, specialized lipsticks, complimentary gifts, and the exceptional services of the Official Kiss Print Reader. Our commitment to excellence extends to our carefully crafted brand packaging.

Can you share with us what a kiss print reading is?

A kiss print reading, also known as "lip print reading," is a form of divination that deciphers the characteristics and patterns of your lip prints to unveil insights into your character and emotions, as well as into your past, present, and potential future. We divine this information from the size, shape, color intensity, and special markings in the kiss print.

More profound than tarot or oracle, a kiss print reading serves as the foundation for connecting us with your divine spirit. Each lip print is as unique as a fingerprint, yet constantly changing with your emotional states and energy levels. Your kiss print reading provides a diagnostic tool to uncover what may be holding you back from your full potential.

Is it really that easy?

For the recipient? Yes, it is indeed that simple. As a Kiss Whisperer, we possess the ability to decode intricate details and tap into spiritual connections for the most accurate readings, which is our unique skill set.

Human intuition is a fascinating aspect of our being. While some suggest that women are more naturally attuned to their intuition, whether it's a result of evolution or biology remains a topic of debate. Facial expressions are closely linked to our inner emotions, influencing a significant portion of our behavior. By studying body language and facial cues, we gain valuable insights into the motivations behind our actions. A person's choice of lipstick tells a story about them, and a kiss imprint divulges a part of their journey."

Say "YES" to your KISS!

Get the clarity and guidance you need to address your questions and challenges.

What sets Dr. Miranda apart? Instead of relying on traditional Tarot and Oracle cards, we've developed our own interactive, proprietary cards to provide unique insights. Dr. Miranda goes beyond Why you do what you do and What you could do next. She also empowers your guests to transition from 'I need and want' to 'I deserve and desire,' guiding them towards crafting the best life according to their own terms.




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