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The Official Kiss Print Reader is an intuitive kiss print reading service founded by Dr. Miranda, a third-generation clairvoyant. Dr. Miranda's journey began with a fascination for the comforting embrace of a goodnight kiss during her time in the foster care system. Inspired by her own experience of having her lips read, she decided to explore and expand the world of kiss print readings. To date, the Official Kiss Print Reader has deciphered thousands of prints through a truly unique blend of forensics, affirmative insight, and emotional depth.

Utilizing a specialized process that involves the interpretation of two kiss prints, Dr. Miranda and her team of Kiss Whisperers not only delight and entertain guests but also provide them with clarity, faith, joy, and inner peace. They shine a light on the path ahead, guiding individuals toward the next phase of their lives.

A. Miranda, PhD, DDiv

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Ten years ago, after receiving my own lip print reading, I sensed there was much more to unravel within a "Kiss." I decided to take it a few steps further, enhancing my knowledge beyond the initial forensics. Once again, I embraced my intuitive gifts passed down through three generations, learning to interpret the journey from the past to the present and foresee predictions for the future. Common questions like "Is your past holding you back?" "Are you waiting for life to happen?" and '"Is there true love in your future?" can all be decoded through a kiss.


Lip prints, unlike fingerprints, have the remarkable ability to change over time as they respond to education, information, and emotions. Following a reading, I often invite guests to leave one more kiss and witness the surprising differences, often referred to as better than a truth serum.

One of my secrets regarding "kiss whispers" is that I never reveal something entirely new to anyone. It may be hidden, forgotten, or dormant, but I call this the "Aha Whisper." When a guest recognizes precisely what I see in their imprint, they experience an "Aha" moment, often accompanied by tears of relief.

My readings offer clarity, allowing individuals to discover joy, love, happiness, direction, decisiveness, forgiveness, and peace. This is the driving force behind my work.


Personal readings are provided promptly with a branded KISS card. In the past, guests often requested to record their sessions to recall the content later, but this hindered their ability to stay fully present and engaged. Consequently, we've adapted our approach: capturing the initial KISS, interactive Oracle card moments, and the premonition magic charm through a snapshot. The KISS card and charm mementos are thoughtfully assembled into a SWAG bag for guests to cherish. This is why event planners choose Dr. Miranda and her Kiss Whisperers time and time again.

Our array of services includes options such as a kissing booth, magician podium, team-building activities, keynote presentations, kiss workshops, personal readings, partnerships, agency collaborations, and event entertainment. Rest assured, Official Kiss Print Readings are always a unique and unforgettable experience, guaranteed never to be the same twice!

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We will affirm what has been working for you or holding you back, if your belief and value system is helping or hindering you, and how the past is affecting you today.


Walk away with clarity and purpose. Take action on your kiss print reading to manifest what you're meant to be.


Receive clarity and a manifesto with the tools of your kiss print to design your best life — on your terms.


We are dedicated to offering event and party planners custom, VIP entertainment that elevates each occasion, boosting profitability and cultivating raving fans. Our focus is on creating memorable, personalized experiences that unveil insights into the past, present, and future. Grounded in authenticity, entertainment, and holistic wellness, we aspire to create lasting impressions, fostering wonder and meaningful connections at every event.

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