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Lip print reading, magic, & More

We’ll come to your event to read your guest’s lipstick prints using our psychic, storytelling, and a poof of magic unlike any other reader in the world. Your guests will love this incredibly unique fun experience with bulls-eye accuracy. GUARANTEED.

Why Lipstick Lip Print Readings?

“You have to experience the Official Lipstick Reader. I tell my friends that it feels like a life/ love/relationship/business coach, therapist, best friend, and mom all rolled into one. All this in 5 minutes.  I can hardly wait for my follow up appointment that I booked for an hour. What I learned in 5 min gave me insight and what I will learn in an hour will reveal my past and future journey. The signs were there all along.” A. Fontaine

All in a kiss of course

“As facial expressions are tied to our inner emotions, and our emotions rule so much of our behavior, studying facial expressions give an insight into the reasons for our actions. Lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it.  And a kiss imprint shares the journey.”💋 A. Miranda

Lipstick Readings for all genders and ages. Designed for small and large venue entertainment, private parties and individual kiss predictions.

Official Lipstick Lip Print Reader Kiss Whispers For You

The forces of palm reading, Oracle, tarot cards, crystal ball, forensics and a spark of magic meld together to create an understanding of your past, how it is affecting your present, and if you are ready to step into your superpower, this is IT. The one and only Official Lipstick Reader. 

Event Entertainment Demo

Official Lipstick Reader BizBash Event Demo 2019

Karina Smirnoff LA Splash - See me work at 1:30

The Official Lipstick Reader to the Stars

“I absolutely loved having Miranda at my event. She was so professional, fun and entertaining. My guests who were a hugely diverse group of professionals really enjoyed her readings. She was great entertainment and suitable for both male and female guests.

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Miranda for any event that you had planned. She’s a wonderful addition to any party.”

– Sam Donnally | Executive Producer | AGT

“Hi, Miranda….it was such a pleasure working with you on Friday at our event in Nordstrom Century City….it was a fun and attractive event that really captured the attention of many customers and people walking by.

Your presentation is much more than a simple “lip-reading,” you clearly have put much effort into creating an experience for our clients.  Thank you again for a memorable event….we will definitely do it again!”

– Kathy Agajanian | Account Executive | DIOR

It Starts with a Kiss

Most folks know or have experienced a palm or a tarot card reader before. Both methods have a long history. Your hands show the path you are currently on and your feet where you have walked in life.  Add your lips with a kiss and you have the Kiss Whisperer. Why lips? Lips are the most sensual body part. Haven’t you ever wondered where “Sealed with a Kiss” originated from?” Or “My Lips are Sealed?” Miranda has proven abilities to “unlock” the mysteries behind a “Kiss.” Celebrities, VIPs and Luxury Brands trust Miranda to deliver the goods, with a kiss of course.

Why lipstick? Kylie Jenner sold out of her new lipstick line within minutes of her debut. Other Fashionistas have followed suit. What’s next? A lipstick reading of course. Why get another ho-hum entertainer when you can have it all with a KISSmet™ of the Official Lipstick Reader.  And for the gentlemen, we offer hip colors and/or digital prints with all the other goodies. New York has the Long Island Medium and the Hollywood Medium, now presenting the hottest and unique class act with a kiss is Miranda, the Official Lipstick Reader offering Kiss Whispers. Turn your event into a gala and your private party into an extravaganza.

Every guest receives a kiss gift, lip print kissing card, a chocolate kiss, and Wish Kiss Bracelet, all included in a  SWAG. Personal readings are delivered instantly with a branded digital card to include event details.

Services of choice include an interactive kissing booth, team building activities, keynote presentations, kiss workshops, personal readings, and event entertainment. Official Lipstick Readings are never the same twice – guaranteed!

To try out the goods, go to ReadYourKiss.com for a free sample (yes the fellas too).


We designed a Kissing Booth like no other to include the set up of beautifully crafted branded (client’s logo) digital kissing cards, lipstick gift, a chocolate kiss all in a SWAG bag. For smaller venues, you provide a tabletop and chairs. We make it easy, fun and unique for each event.  We offer 5 types of readings in each lipstick reading. This is it. One of a kind. The Official Lipstick Reader will share the past, present, and future. Plus your journey traveled and yet to cross. Care to have a kiss on us? CLICK ON BUTTON BELOW. We would be happy to visit you and your team to sample the goods.  Careful ladies, you just might get hooked on a first kiss.  All brave men welcome.

A portion of proceeds benefits charity Circle Of Helping Hands assisting our Veterans, displaced homemakers, and seniors.  We personally guarantee 100% satisfaction. What are you waiting for? A KISSmet™ with the Official Lipstick Reader of course.💋

A Mother's Kiss Goodnight🦋 Click "Read More" to Learn About How We Got Started

  • From the Ward of the Court to the CEO of her own boardroom, Miranda never imagined herself to be anything but ordinary. A “Mother’s Kiss Goodnight” is the journey of how a memory seemingly unimportant would make a difference. Thus, giving Miranda a purpose and direction in life to provide intuitive insightful readings. Instead of being another statistic, she has proven yet again how to be resilient and breathe life into something brilliant and unique. Miranda shares how her mother never left her, always believed in her and whispers daily her wisdom to share with others. And recently with the sudden passing of her daughter, Miranda has learned to trust again with her daughter’s angel wings.  To learn more, ask about “Butterfly Kisses” in the Contact Us tab.

    Miranda is a United States Navy Veteran who learned to use weapons to defend herself and our country. While she desired to make a difference and leave a legacy, she didn’t know how to do this after suffering, and learning that she would have PTSD for the rest of her life. She was devastated. Miranda’s past reads like a “Made for TV” saga. Growing up in the Foster Care System, Miranda slept in many different beds in various places with other children. She learned that they all had one thing in common, a kiss goodnight. The older children took it upon themselves to kiss the younger children goodnight. Miranda then stepped into this role. This began the fascination with the human kiss. Miranda turned a possible life debilitating diagnosis from resilience to brilliance by using her hypervigilance to connect with others through their kiss.

    To this day, Miranda carries a blotted print from her mother’s lips reminding her of that special caring connection. Miranda became enchanted with the kiss. Introducing the Official Lipstick Reader— to heal the world with kisses, two kisses at a time. The only lipstick print reader in the world to offer—forensics, intuitive and digital imprint readings instantly as a lifetime keepsake. Beginning with an official baby’s first footprint, introducing the first official lip print.

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We don’t kiss and tell. We would be happy to supply references and many testimonials.  

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