Look Who's Kissing đź’‹

 Tori Spelling, Hanna Griffiths, Jim Jordan Photography, Taryn Manning, Denise Fleming & Karina Smirnoff, – they all agree that Miranda is the real deal!

Recognized for her work of 25 years in the field of the paranormal, Judy has appeared on many TV Shows including CBS’s “Geraldo” “Entertainment Tonight,”CNN, , and the late “Joan Rivers Show.” Her amazing gift of prophecy has helped many people change their lives for the better, both mentally and spiritually. She posts monthly horoscopes for all.

Judy Hevenly Says "You are very talented."

Judy Hevenly, Psychic
“I don’t do lipstick readings only face readings, palmistry, handwriting, angel, tarot cards and crystal ball. Glad there are no lipstick readers except you.”

Holly C. Promotions

Anita Miranda is very loving and kind. She was able to help me see possibilities that I hadn’t considered and was able to give me answers about some personal issues I was facing. She’s also very fun and smart and understands people. She is very respectful and is good at keeping personal things private. If you have an opportunity to work with her, do it. You’ll be very glad you did!”

Michelle C. Talk Show Host

As a Brand Steward & Talk Show Host, I am highly aware of the energy of the words I speak. Miranda opened my eyes (and mouth) to the fact my lips help tell the whole story – past, present and future! Intuitive, accurate, enlightening and entertaining! A must have for anyone looking to create a truly special experience for their party, event or fundraiser!”

Stacey S. Author/Dog Whisperer

It was a wonderful event with Miranda showing me all the lipstick colors, when I found the one I liked the best she had me kiss a card and then using her incredible psychic powers was able to tell me more information about my deeper, inner self. I would definitely recommend this experience.”

See It to Believe It

Bat Mitzvah 2019



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